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100% Pure Natural Wool Duvet for Crib Cot Single Double King Bed all sizes -
100% Pure Natural Wool Duvet for Crib Cot Single Double King Bed all sizes -

100% Pure Natural Wool Duvet for Crib Cot Single Double King Bed All Sizes

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Baby Pure Natural Wool Duvet All Sizes

  • Very soft, breathable fabrics and filling of the baby wool duvet will help your little child sleep better and longer. 
  • Safe and high quality materials ensure the right air circulation and optimal temperature for the whole year. 
  • This pure natural duvet is a perfect combination of two natural raw materials - 100% wool fiber and 100% cotton satin.
  • You can choose one of the different sizes of the duvet, which can be suitable for crib, cot, cot bed, junior, toddler, double or king size bed.
  • Certified durable materials allow you to use the duvet for a very long time.

Wool duvet by Baby Comfort

Sleeping is an important part of baby's growth and nourishment. Baby Comfort forms an assortment exclusively from high-quality goods.

Our goal is to create maximum comfort for newborns, to give parents peace of mind and comfort, with the ability to concentrate on love and care for your beautiful babies.

That's why buying wool duvet quilt by Baby Comfort, you can be sure of a healthy sleep for your child.

Sizes available

Different sizes of the wool duvet:

  • 80 x 70 cm (ideal cribs, prams)
  • 120 x 90 cm (ideal for cot)
  • 135 x 100 cm (ideal for cot bed)
  • 150 x 120 cm (ideal for junior, toddler bed)
  • 200 x 135 cm (ideal for single size bed)
  • 200 x 155 cm (ideal for large single size bed)
  • 200 x 200 cm (ideal for double size bed)
  • 220 x 200 cm (ideal for king size bed)
    Quality of the fabrics

    Luxurious, very light and friendly to the body, this wool duvet guarantees excellent sleep comfort. It is a combination of two high-quality 100% natural raw materials.

    The filling is made of pure wool, characterised by the ability to regulate temperature, ventilation and moisture absorption. Unlike artificial fibers, water does not condense on the surface of woollen fibers but evaporates.

    The outer fabric is 100% cotton satin, which feels soft to the touch and allows the skin to breathe and thus ensures a healthy, restful sleep.

    Safety information

    Health professionals recommend maintaining your baby’s regular room temperature at 18 Degrees C, to ensure little child does not overheat.

    Duvets and quilts are only suitable for children aged 12 months and over.

    Do not use a duvet together with a sleeping bag or a swaddle wrap.

    When putting your baby to bed, the feet to foot position on their back should be adopted. With the bedding tucked in and with the covers reaching no higher than the shoulders.

      Washing recommendations

      Wash only in 30° water, hot water will cause shrink and fade over time. The heat also deteriorates the high-quality materials.

      Avoid using harsh detergents, it can actually damage the high-quality natural materials. 

      Wash your duvet separately. Washing your towels and clothing with your duvet causes friction and eventually reduces its quality and durability.