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Mommy Guide: Preparing for Spring

So, it's that time again of the year again. What do we need to do in order to prepare our child's sleep schedule? The sun will be shining earlier in the morning as the month goes on and soon bedtime will be brighter as well. 
To help make the adjustment slow and steady leading up to Daylight Savings time you can slowly adjust their schedule. Over the course of the week, you can start shifting your child’s schedule earlier by 15 minutes every three days.  So a nap at 9am will start at 8:45am am and so on. By the end of the week, you will be close to new adjusted time with a earlier bedtime.

  A well-rested child will best adapt to the time change.
  If you do find that your child is affected by the time change do your best to
get back to your normal schedule.  Get out of the house in the morning to get your child active and offer relaxing activities in the afternoon.
  Within a week (2 max) you should be past the signs of daylight savings time.

Keep those early sunrises banished from his room and make bedtime nice and dark, even if it’s still light out.

You can set it to your desired sleep and wake times, making it easier for him to understand and follow the schedule.

Mask the bird chatter first thing in the morning and outside sounds at night.

If you practice proper sleep hygiene consistently within your family, transitions like time changes shouldn’t take long to master. But, if sleep issues persist after a few weeks you may want to take a look at your child’s overall sleep routine and habits, to see if any changes need to be made.