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Crib Bumpers: What You Need To Know

 Crib bumpers are padded pieces surrounded by cloth that rest on the inside of your baby's crib, just above the mattress. The bumper is actually a long piece of material that ties around the slats of your baby's crib. They are somewhat controversial, and they have their fair share of supporters and detractors.

Why you need crib bumper?
  • The biggest benefit of crib bumpers is that they keep your baby safe while he moves around his crib.

  • Bumpers prevent injury from a baby’s head hitting the sides of a crib, or from limbs getting stuck in the slats. And indeed, bumpers were first conceived to cover the space between crib slats so babies couldn’t fall out or get their heads, arms or legs stuck between the bars.

Safety tips
  • The main reason crib bumpers are controversial is because of the hazards it can cause IF THEY ARE NOT USED PROPERLY. Of course with the right ways of using them, you will then realize how beneficial crib bumpers are and how much they can help you and your baby sleep better.

    Here are some tips on how to properly use them:

Safety tip 1: Secure them tightly around each sides and corners of the crib
  • If you are using the  bumper with string ties, make sure to tie the strings tightly and securely on each corners and sides of the crib; and make sure the strings are outside the crib and is out of reach from your baby.

  • If you are using the crib bumper bars, make sure they are secured with Velcro tapes that won't be easily removed or ripped off by the baby. 

Safety tip 2: Do not use ripped / damaged crib bumpers
  • I mean, why would you? Always check even for the slightest damage on the crib bumper before installing it to your baby's crib. If it has a ripped off part, don't put it in your baby's crib. 

Safety tip 3: Do not use a pillow-like crib bumper set
  • Bumpers with a pillow-like thickness is an entrapment hazard.  Your baby’s head could easily get stuck between the massive puffy pillow and the mattress.
  • We recommend getting either the tall and thin bumper set or you may opt for a crib bumper bar instead.
  • Using either of these types of bumpers makes entrapment very unlikely.

Safety tip 4: Do not leave your baby unattended
  • Protecting your baby should not only be solely relied on these but you also need to keep an eye on them and discover their sleeping behavior to know how to protect them better from SIDS and other hazards brought by incorrect usage of bedding accessories such as crib bumpers.


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