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Feeding pillow benefits and how to use it?

Being a new mum is a mixed feeling of happiness and excitement and exhaustion after delivery


Soon after that they will have to start feeding the baby either through breastfeeding or bottle-feeding and it can be challenging and tiring at times so a little help would be such a huge relief.

Nursing pillows are not just meant for breastfeeding but you may also use them if you're bottle-feeding. They usually come in a U-shape that goes around your waist to provide relief to your back, neck, spine and arms.

There are many items that help mothers in feeding their newborn baby. However, not many moms are aware of the benefits of using a simple and inexpensive device as the nursing pillow. The nursing pillow is important because the position in which you hold the baby and how you sit are critical to attain a proper latch. And it can also be of big help if you are recovering from a C-section.

What benefits of using nursing pillow?
  • Nursing pillows will protect your back, neck and shoulders. For the first few months, your baby will eat a lot - sometimes up to 10 times a day, and each feed can take up to an hour. You will sit and feed your baby for most of the day, so you will be comfortable. As a young mom, the last thing you need is a chiropractor because you injured your back while breastfeeding - trust me, you will have enough to worry about without it! The pillow ensures that your baby is at a height that matches your chest, so your shoulders won't do the job for you. Your back is supported and your shoulders and neck can relax.

  • Feeding pillows aren't just for breastfeeding mothers - artificially fed babies can also use them! In fact, sometimes bottle feeding can be even more tiring on your back and shoulders, so a pillow is a great way to maintain your posture!
  • Getting well after a С-section? The nursing pillow is your best friend as it creates a buffer between your baby and your belly.

  • Nursing pillows help to compress the breast. Nursing pillows raise the baby to the height necessary for feeding, which can help him to latch on to the breast.

  • Nursing pillows are not just for feeding! You can use them while lying on your stomach (supervised), as well as to support your child as he gets older (in fact, this was their original purpose!).

    How to use a nursing pillow for breastfeeding support?
  • Sit in a comfortable place where your back is well-supported.
  • Place the pillow on your lap, around your waist.
  • Place your baby on the pillow resting on their side, facing your body.
  • The mouth should be even with the breast you plan to nurse from. If it is not, cradle the baby’s head and upper torso in your arm to bring them to your breast and let your arm rest on the pillow.


    • Nurse your baby.
    • Do not lower your body or breast down to your baby. If the baby is not positioned high enough, raise them by adding another pillow for support below the pillow, or lift them with your arms.
    • You may also use the pillow in conjunction with the football hold. In this hold, the baby will be positioned along the side of your body (with their feet pointing toward your back).

    Nursing pillow for bottle feeding
    • Using the nursing pillow to bottle-feed is nearly identical to using the it for breastfeeding.

    • Please note that the pillow should never be used to prop up a baby or bottle to allow them to feed themselves.

    • Babies who cannot sit or hold the bottle on their own are not developmentally ready to feed unassisted, and can choke.

    How to use a nursing pillow for bottle feeding?
    • Sit in a comfortable place where your back is well-supported.
    • Place the pillow on your lap, around your waist.
    • Place your baby on the pillow, resting on their back.
    • Cradle your baby’s head and upper torso in your arm. Allow your arm to rest on the pillow.
    • Feed your baby with your free hand.