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Bedding essentials by Baby Comfort UK


Sleep is wonderful and essential for the whole family and especially for growing children. To help your child enjoy their vacation and have a relaxing holiday, you need to provide them with all the necessary equipment that will make this possible. You also need to make sure your child gets a safe sleeping environment if you want him to sleep for long hours. With the best crib accessories for your baby, you'll always feel at ease while your baby rests peacefully in her crib, knowing you have nothing to worry about.


Sheet not only brings a beautiful design element to your baby's crib, but also provides your baby with a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Baby sheets also help protect the mattress. Comfortable should help your baby get a good night's sleep, which is what he needs for growth and development.

Get at least three sheets as you will find yourself changing them every day and sometimes even twice a day. With extra crib sheets, you won't have to worry when others do their laundry.

Mattress protector

Mattress pad around the mattress, completely covering it. The cover protects the mattress from dust, diaper leaks and other messes. The protectors create a healthy sleeping area for babies and also reduce asthma triggers on your baby's sleep surface.

Most crib mattress toppers are 100% waterproof and not only provide extra protection for your baby's mattress, but also add the comfort and softness needed to keep your baby in the land of sleep for long hours.

Quilt & pillow

Quilts, duvets and pillows shouldn't be used for babies under one year old.  After this, it's fine to replace baby blankets and top sheets with a cot quilt or duvet if you wish. Pillows can also be safely used from the age of one year, but don’t feel you have to buy one – your baby will be used to sleeping without one and may even not want it in the cot.


Bumpers help by closing gaps in the crib rail. Bumpers are mostly breathable to keep your child from rolling on their face; they are still breathing. They protect children from injury on the crib rails. They come in a variety of colors and so it's easy to find one that will suit your child's nursery.

* As breathable as the bumper is, you need to take extra care if you need to include it in your baby's crib.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are great for older kids who like to have their hands free at night. The bag will warm them, protect them and cover them everywhere. These bags are equipped with zippers to make it easy for you to put your baby to bed.

* When using a sleeping bag, you do not need to cover the child with a blanket. However, everything will depend on the temperature of the room or the climatic conditions of the day.


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