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Baby Sleeping Bags - Benefits, Safety Tips and More!

Baby sleeping bags are becoming very popular with parents, and are promoted as a way of reducing the risk of SIDS

Most nursery and baby stores now offer each bedding design in sleeping bag form as well as the traditional cot blanket. Although blankets and sheets are still safe to use, there is a slight risk of babies wriggling under the covers in the night.

Apart from it's popularity with the parents in Europe, here are some of the things you need to know about baby sleeping bags:

• Benefits:

- Baby sleeping bags are easy to use
- No need to use sheets or blankets
- Promotes peaceful sleep
- Convenient for travelling
- Ideal Temperature

• How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag: 

Baby sleeping bags are measured by age, and it is important not to place a baby in an over-sized sleeping bag. If the sleeping bag is too big, the baby may be able to wriggle further into the bag and end up trapped inside. By the time your baby is around six weeks old, he should be ready to try a sleeping bag.

• Which Tog to Use and Tips 

You should have a couple of tog options in your baby's size, as this will ensure you are placing your baby in the correct sleeping bag for the temperature. The togs you need will depend upon your local climate as well as the season. Always check the temperature of the room your baby sleeps in, as this will help you to select the correct tog for the room. Always refer to the following guide:

24 degrees celsius or more – 0.5 tog
21 – 23 degrees celsius – 1 tog
18 – 20 degrees celsius – 2.5 tog
16 – 17 degrees celsius – 2.5 tog plus one blanket

BabyComfort's sleeping bag for 6-18 months has a tog of 2.5. You may purchase it here

• Safety Tips

The safety of sleeping bags depends on them being used properly. Make sure to cautious enough to avoid the following:

* Overheating – you should never use a quilt or duvet to cover a baby in a sleeping bag, because the baby would be put at risk of overheating

* Badly fitting sleeping bags – it is important to ensure you buy the correct size of sleeping bag to prevent your baby from slipping down into the bag during the night

* Hoods – some sleeping bags have hoods attached, these should be avoided because they are thought to increase the risk of SIDS.

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