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Baby Bath Time Essentials - All from Baby Comfort UK!

But questions like when to give it, not to mention how and where are quite puzzling, if not nerve-wracking for new parents.  Cleaning a slippery, squirming – and sometimes screaming – infant takes practice. So relax; it will get easier every time, and your baby will soon come to love splashing in the water.

With the right items by your side, bath time with baby can be a fun bonding routine. Here are the must-have baby bath supplies to keep your little one safe and comfy while you get her cleaned up:

Don't put your baby or toddler into a tub when the water is still running.

Make the tub safe. Bathtubs are incredibly slippery, so outfit yours with Baby Comfort's Bathtub Safety Sponge for more secure bathing.

Use Baby Comfort's Floating Baby Bath Tub Thermometer to check the water's temperature. The water should feel warm – but not hot!

Choose a mild one designed for babies or toddlers and use it sparingly. To avoid having your child sit too long in soapy water, play at the beginning of the bath and save the soap and shampoo for the end.

Wrap a towel around the baby covering his head and dry him off (not rubbing) gently patting. Use Baby Comfort's Baby Hooded Towels, it’s super soft, made of 100% cotton and it comes with different designs and colours.